BÁV has always placed great emphasis on sharing knowledge, which is why he created his Appraiser Academy, which primarily serves the training of appraisers in various disciplines.

Where did we start?

In view of the historical past of the training, the appraisal activity initially covered only the determination of the value of the pledges. For the first time at the well-known company, an internal record of 1963 refers to the importance of training those who hold such a job. In particular, they did not think of preparing new entrants, but they considered it important for the employees to participate in regular training and exchanges of experience. Given that BÁV was in a monopoly position in art trade at the time, the trainings were also organised to ensure internal professional supply. Then, as the market expanded, private galleries appeared — and since the opening of the art trade store was tied to having certificates — the demand for professional training was increasing, therefore BÁV opened to the interested public from 1990.

Originally, five modules were started, but because the needs have changed continuously, today only three modules are ongoing, however, several courses are started each year, adapted to the needs of the participants on weekdays and weekends as well.

The curriculum has been constantly changing and expanded and by now not only the appraisers of BÁV with decades of experience, but also the best external experts of the profession: art historians, museologists and restorers pass their knowledge to the new generations.

Specifically, not only for them, since our courses are not only attended by those who want a state-recognized certificate, but more and more participants are also interested in investing or investing part of their money in works of art in the future, or who are engaged in art and the art trade on a hobby-recreation level.

We are proud of thousands of students who have studied with us and who are seen in art trade every day.

What knowledge can a prospective appraiser acquire?

One can get acquainted with the great epochs and the most important creators of art history; the most important laws necessary for the operation of galleries and auction houses and the features of the art trade market, but above all, on the basis of which the valuation of works is carried out.

What does the future have in store?

Education also needs renewal, of course, so the Vocational Training 4.0 strategy, supported by the Government of Hungary and recently developed, which defines the systematic renewal and further development of vocational and adult education, also affects the appraiser modules of BÁV. The OKJ training system known to everyone will be terminated, but according to the new Adult Education Act, new courses can be launched on the basis of programme requirements similar to the previous ones. In other words, with the same or close courses in their content, we will continue to wait for those interested in the appraiser profession from summer 2021.



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