In the BÁV Jewelry Galleries you can choose between precious metal jewelry
  • 9,14 and 18 carat gold jewelry,
  • a large selection of engagement and wedding rings,
  • jewelry decorated with special brilliants or colorful gems,
  • cultured beaded jewelry collections,
  • modern silver and fashion jewelry,
  • women's and men's gold watches, pocket watches,
  • branded watches, 
  • men's jewelry, accessories,
  • children's jewelry.


For the christening: (silver and silver-plated)

  • Baptismal cup
  • Spoons
  • Children's tableware
  • Tooth-holder
  • Picture holder

Other silver items:

  • Pharmaceutical holder
  • Letter opener
  • Magnifier
  • Business card holder
  • Picture frames


STACKER London Jewelry Brand for Women and Men

  • Home jewelry box sets in 3 sizes: mini, classic, supersize
  • Interior accessories for jewelry boxes
  • Clock and sunglasses holder boxes
  • Charm holders
  • Leather and glass jewelry holders
  • Travel watches and jewelers
  • Passport holder, laptop case, keychain, card holder
  • Tech racks & accessories

Jeweler cleaning fluids:

  • High quality Hagerty range of gold, silver and pearl cleaning liquids

For people of all ages, be it on any occasion or even the gift of oneself.

The common feature of our jewelry is the high quality, which also applies to all brands we sell. Distributed jewelry and watch brands: Gaura, ANIA HAIE, Coeur de LionBering, Lorus, Seiko, Esprit, Doxa, Maserati, Longines, Rosefild

You can also choose a holder for the selected jewelry, watches, jewelry box: in the stylish boxes of the STAKER brand you can find jewelry in the best place at home and on the road.



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