Reviews and recommendations of our students about our education programmes.

“Between 2015 and 2017 I attended the two-year appraiser training. Meanwhile, I got to know the different arts and applied arts, and my favorite objects were painting, carpet and furniture history. We were educated by the best theoretical and practical experts of the given era, with their help I gained a thorough knowledge in these areas. In addition, I have been given a comprehensive approach that helps to recognize the real values of art. In mastering the practical part of the training, I highlight the professionals working in the shops of BÁV, Viktória Mireisz, Tamás Nagy, Zoltán Gál, who helped to get acquainted with the criteria of estimation in practical life and to navigate between the types of objects occurring. When I chose BÁV among several training opportunities, in addition to the past and prestige of the institution, the numerous external programs offered by it in other galleries, trading houses, exhibitions of the leading Hungarian and Austrian museums, in the glass factory of Ajka, in Herend, in the Zsolnay district. It was a special experience when our teachers working in museums brought us to the warehouses of the Museum of Applied Arts or to the restoration workshop of the National Gallery, the Museum of Ethnography. So we could get a real look at the profession as a whole, the main actors of the fine arts life.  Erika Koncz, the coordinator of the training, played the main role in organizing and implementing these programs. Although it seemed scary at first, the English vocational language training proved very useful in the two-year training, for which we received excellent teaching assistance. What I would have liked to see was a visit to the studio of contemporary artists.”

Éva Turbuly


“I was able to attend a highly organized and held course. This was noticeable even during the period of application, follow-up and information. The performers were all professionals with vocation and great pedagogical sense. With maximum effort to give us as much of their knowledge as possible. Since this was the spirit, the mood all along, the applicants all had a good time, the team got together. Unfortunately for me, during the time of preparation for the exam, it turned out that my eyes are so bad that I can't see the signs in the jewellery often with the best magnifying glass, so I can't pass the exam. Despite this, I learned a lot, it was very useful to me and remained a pleasant, good memory of the course. Thank you very much.”

Anna Mária Vatai


“Personally, I really enjoyed the work of art appraiser training. The instructors held the classes at a very high level, pouring knowledge into our heads, all in color and variation. I was sorry it only lasted eight months. Since then, I applied for other training courses, but because of the variation of OKJ, they could not be implemented. I hope that can change.”

Maria Popovits-Fatér, senior designer,


“I started as an art appraiser, continued as a painting appraiser and finished at the age of 67 as a furniture and carpet appraiser. It was a great experience, I learned a lot and I am happy that I work today as an appraiser in all sectors. After the theoretical knowledge, the teachers who lead the practice gave a real impetus to engagement, and I gladly think about them. The case studies, special situations and cases, they all helped me to find out how to solve the situation later. All my compliments to the instructors and I am trying to infect my environment in this way so that my work can continue.”

József Orosz, Representative, Paletti Bt.


“I was a student at the Academy of Furniture and Carpet Apraisers in 2019. For me, the BÁV Academy was the highest level of adult education known to date. With excellently prepared teachers outstanding in their field of expertise, every class was an experience. One intensive year was available for mastering the enormous material, which was a balanced training of theoretical and practical lessons. We had a thorough insight into woodworking manufacturing technology, the mysteries of making furniture and carpets, we visited domestic and foreign auction houses and exhibitions, we turned, weave, knotted, practiced valuation and conducted auctions to track the sale of artworks processes. After a busy year, I gained extensive knowledge of the magical world of furniture and carpets. Carrying out such a course can raise the knowledge of those who are interested in the value and significance of the masterpieces of fine and applied arts, with which they can survive and live longer the masterpieces of our ancestors.”

Linda Papp


“I took part in several appraiser courses organized by the BÁV Apraiser Academy. Both theoretical and practical education expanded my knowledge to date with useful knowledge and encourages further interest. The performers hold their lessons in a high standard, interesting and unique style, radiating their dedication to their profession. I recommend this course for those who work in art trade, but also for those who are interested in the art market at “only” hobby level.”

Mária Sigray


“I took the carpet-appraisal course by not taking the exams, but simply “listened” to the lectures. The impressively interesting performances of Márk Görbe created every time as if we were actually on a journey. He is extremely prepared, knowledgable of all questions, good humor, patient and selective performer. If you are a little interested in this world and carpets, I can recommend it without any reservations, even if you do not want to do it professionally, such as me. Very well traceable curriculum and what can be handed over in that time.”

Anna Horvát


“In addition to my university years, I can safely say that your training was very high quality and interesting! I was in a very good mood and enriched with valuable information. I was impressed by the precision and practicality of the instructors. I really loved studying with you!”

Zita Szikszai, Luxus Fashion Kft.


“I have enriched my existing knowledge with exceptional experiences that I have already acquired during my university years as a complement to my graduations - in the fields of art history, fine arts and applied arts, cultural history, and wear history. My mother, as a goldenmaker and jeweler designer, “inoculated” the attraction of artifacts created at a noble and high level, brought the true love of objects to me by the spirit of antiques shops, antiques markets and auction houses. Theoretical knowledge is strengthened by nothing more than subject knowledge — here at BÁV I was looking at professionals whose decades of knowledge could only be shared with me in part during my study period. A work of art is not only a value to me, but also history and storytelling at the same time.”

Ági Vedres, photographer, art expert, art writer