A painting customizes our home, provides an athmosphere, conveys a sense of life. Admiring the work of an artist and getting into the masterpieces before us enriches our lives with memorable and beautiful moments.

The painting, however, is an investment that promises a serious return. Specialised eyes not only see beauty in it, but also after the years it is a valued investment, even offering extra profit.

Whichever idea is closer to you, you will find a partner in the experts of the BÁV to implement it.  

In our galleries you can choose from a wide range of valuable paintings:

  • classic oil images of old masters, e.g. portraits, still lifes, landscapes, life images,
  • works of outstanding quality by domestic and foreign masters,
  • post-war nonfigurative and abstract paintings,
  • works of classical contemporary and contemporary Hungarian artists,
  • unique and multiplied graphics made using different techniques,

and more exciting creations.



Is online more comfortable? Choose from our online gallery!