In the framework of the preparation of professional written documentation of works of art and collections, we compile accurate documentation (professional description with photographs) and inventory of the collections, works and other values of our experts with decades of experience in forensic expertise. The document prepared on the works of art will be handed over to the owner of the work of art after processing.

Benefits of a professionally complied work of art inventory:

If one of the works of art is missing or stolen, the owner can hand over to the police the professional documentation prepared by us, which will be of great help in the investigative work and in the search for the relevant work of art.

The documentation sheet will also help to publish the description of the work of art in the event of its disappearance in an identifiable manner in the database of protected and stolen, missing or unlawfully exported structures of the Department of Structures Supervisory Authority of the Prime Minister's Office.

As a company with the largest art trade network in Hungary, we pay special attention in our galleries and pawnshop accounts to prevent the appearance of the work of art for possible sales purposes.

Documentation may also serve as a basic document for insurance on collections or works of art.

Owners are advised to store the work of art description well and carefully separated from the given structure.

Our staff can advise on the correct storage of the work of art (appropriate humidity, temperature, light conditions, etc.) and care.

Fee for our service: it is determined depending on the number and value of the works of art.

I request a work of art documentation service

Please provide a description, if possible, photographs of the objects you would like to receive a prior informational offer. Our colleague will contact you within five working days.

Please send a description if possible photos of the objects you would like to receive a prior informational offer.