“I would like to ask if one can join a course for furniture and art appraisers in Budapest. If this is no longer possible, where would it be possible to take such a course in 2021 after the conversion of the OKJ (National Qualification Registry)?  Do you need any pre-qualifications?”

We plan to continue our highly successful training courses in 2021, and we will keep you informed of them through our website and our Social media platforms.  Under the current Adult Education Act, you will be able to participate in training if you have at least a high school diploma.


“I would like to ask if, in the case of successful and successful training, there is a way for someone to work as an appraiser, auctioneer, educator, resp. Do you with this?”

Our company has always placed great emphasis on education, knowledge sharing and is proud to have real experts working for us. Professional competence and the selection, motivation and retention of our colleagues remain important. This is proven by no more than the low fluctuation in our company, with the majority of our employees working for us for decades. The training courses of the BÁV Academy were launched in part precisely in order that we could find talents and create valuable workforce for posterity for ourselves and for the entire Hungarian art trade. 


 “With regard to painting appraiser training, is it possible because of my working time that I would not be able to attend all training sessions, is there any minimum requirement for the performance of attendance?  Of course, my goal is maximum participation, as I am very interested in training.”

Under the relevant provisions, a maximum absence of 20% per module is allowed.


“With regard to intensive painting appraiser training, I would like to ask if I have completed an intensive training course in jewellery, would I be exempted from the exam (commercial knowledge, pledge) and, if I did not attend these classes, would the tuition fee decrease?”

Under the Adult Education Act, participants in similar modular training are exempted from the same modules of the two courses, so they do not have to attend the lessons or pass the modular final exams. This refers to the modules 'Operation of the commercial unit' and 'General activity of the appraiser'.  In addition, we provide a discount of 30 thousand HUF for our former students. However, please note that in such cases the discounts are not aggregated, so you will no longer be able to benefit from the early bird discount.


“I am an English language teacher and translator, but I have published articles on fine arts. I would like to attend the painting appraiser education, but I could only do this with financial support. Is this course supported by labour or government in some way?”

Unfortunately, the appraisal course organised by us constitutes extra-school training, and there is no State aid under the current legislation that could be used to do so. Most of our students receiving funding come to our trainings, not with the support of the state, but with the support of their workplace.


“In which rural cities do you start courses?”

At the moment, BÁV organizes appraiser training only in Budapest.


“I am interested in the beginning, length and fee of the course. Exam?  Exam fee?  I'm a certified appraiser already. I'm not taking the exam again. I'm interested in the practical part. Art history from the 19th century. If you participate in about half of the program, can you get a fee reduction?”

The next training is expected to start in the autumn of 2021. The participation fee is currently 350,000 HUF, of which we give an early bird discount. The exam is in June, the exam fee is about 50 thousand forints. If you would like to participate in training, we cannot dispense with this, as we must comply with all the required requirements (adult education contract, in-school documentation, etc.) since the course is organised under the Adult Education Act. Of course, exams are not mandatory.


“How can the participation fee be reduced?”

If you have already participated in our OKJ appraiser training (modular, jewellery appraiser, work of art appraiser, furniture and carpet appraiser), we can give a discount of 30 thousand HUF.


“I would like to ask, if I already have a BÁV jewelry appraisal degree, does that mean any kind of exemption from certain modules?”

Yes, if you have obtained your certificate through modular training, you will be exempted from two modules ('Operation of the commercial unit' and 'General activity of the appraiser'). As a former BÁV student, we offer a discount of 30 thousand HUF from the tuition fee.


“I'm interested in distance learning. Will there be such?”

The art appraiser training is based on personal attendance, some theoretical lessons can be transferred to distance learning, but this is only a minor part of the curriculum.


“As the Vocational Education Act changes, how can you continue to obtain the qualification of a painting appraiser (or similar)?  Originally I have a degree in Teacher-Cultivation, which is why I know about the change in the legal environment.”

We plan to start a painting appraisal course from autumn 2021. According to the new Adult Education Act, new courses can be launched on the basis of programme requirements similar to the previous ones, but after completing the course, the training institution will no longer be able to take examinations, but only issue certificates. Examination can only be conducted in accredited exam centres, but details of this are not yet known. We will keep you informed of the changes on our website and on our Social media platforms!