We offer jewelry appraiser training with experts of the domestic market, within our own store network of thousands of pieces, constantly changing works of art, with multiple auctions every year, which allow you to get to know the profession from close proximity.

Among the appraisers organized by the BÁV Appraiser Academy, the jewelry appraiser's part qualification has always been of high importance and of great interest. Both ordinary traditional and weekend intensive groups are extremely popular, and these courses fill up the fastest.

How is the training structured?

The current training providing OKJ certificate consists of 250 lessons and three modules.

In order to master the curriculum, the traditional course participants will have nine months and approximately five months for those enrolling in intensive training.

The three modules are:

  1. Operation of a commercial unit;
  2. The general activity of the appraiser,
  3. Valuation of jewelry, ornaments, precious stones.

Education takes place at the BÁV Zrt. headquarters in Csalogány Street.

The backbone of the curriculum is given by the professional object, the Valuation of jewelry, ornaments, precious stones. During the theoretical education participants get acquainted with the noble materials of jewelry making, the techniques of goldsmith; learn how to determine the gems, recognize the value of historical jewelry and fashion jeweler, precious stones. On the occasion of practical sessions, participants can take a glimpse into the operation of galleries (consignment, auction, pawnshop activity); learn how to professionally name and describe the characteristics, status of objects offered for sale, carry out their valuation; learn about jewelry and gems and get acquainted with the domestic jewelry market.

Participants in the current training courses will be able to pass a complex exam and obtain the OKJ certificate in June 2021.

When does the next course start?

According to the new Adult Education Act and on the basis of similar program requirements, i.e. with the same content as the previous one, we will start the jewelry appraiser training again from autumn 2021.

After completing the course, participants will receive a certificate which will be able to obtain a certificate of qualification in accredited examination centers.


General information


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Júlia Fejes

educational organizer


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