We offer painting appraiser training with experts of the domestic painting market, within our own store network of thousands of pieces, constantly changing works of art, with multiple auctions every year, which allow you to get to know the profession from close proximity.

Among the appraisers organized by the BÁV Apraiser Academy, the painting appraiser training is the most popular.

How is the training structured?

The current training providing OKJ certificate consists of 250 lessons and three modules.

In order to master the curriculum, the traditional course participants will have nine months and approximately five months for those enrolling in intensive training.

The three modules are:

  1. Operation of a commercial unit;
  2. The general activity of the appraiser,
  3. Valuation of paintings, graphics.

The location of theoretical education (which is half the entire curriculum): BÁV Zrt. Csalogány Street Headquarters (1027 Budapest, Csalogány u. 23-33.)

Practical trainings are located at the BÁV Bécsi street gallery (Budapest, Bécsi utca 1-3.) and at graphic and restorer workshops.

The backbone of the curriculum is given by the professional subject, i.e. the Valuation of paintings and graphics. During the theoretical education participants get acquainted with the great epochs and the most important creators of art history; the most important laws necessary for the operation of galleries and auction houses; the features of the art trade market; as well as the protection of art. In practical sessions they will have the opportunity to learn how to determine the genre, style, creator, age of a painting or graphic; the methods of identifying the material, technique and originality of the works; they will get acquainted with the types of forgery and methods used to recognize them; observe closely the most important painting and graphic techniques and restoration procedures; take a glimpse into the operation of galleries (consignment, auction, pawnshop activity); and learn how to properly name and describe objects offered for sale, the professional criteria, their status, to carry out their valuation.

Participants in the current training courses will be able to pass a complex exam and obtain the OKJ certificate in June 2021.

When does the next course start?

According to the new Adult Education Act and on the basis of similar program requirements, i.e. with the same content as the previous one, we will start the painting appraiser training again from autumn 2021. After completing the course, participants will receive a certificate which will be able to obtain a certificate of qualification in accredited examination centres.


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