Among the appraisers organized by the BÁV Appraiser Academy, the work art appraiser training is very popular, almost always “sold-out”, in many cases we can only receive those interested on a waiting list.

How is the training structured?

The current training providing OKJ certificate consists of 250 lessons and three modules.

The participants have nine months to master the curriculum.

The training consists of three modules:

  1. Operation of a commercial unit;
  2. The general activity of the appraiser,
  3. Valuation of works of art.

Location: The location of theoretical education (which is half of the entire curriculum): BÁV Zrt. Csalogány Street Headquarters (1027 Budapest, Csalogány u. 23-33), the practical education will take place in the Bécsi street gallery of the company (Budapest, Bécsi u. 1-3.).

The backbone of the curriculum is the professional subject: Valuation of works of art. During the theoretical education participants get acquainted with the historical-cultural background of the creation of objects, the social and economic conditions of their creation, the everyday customs and fashion trends with their shaped forms; the art of glass, porcelain, ceramics, goldsmiths and iconic, the diverse world of weapons and oriental arts; the decorative elements characteristic of styles and the technological process of making artworks.

In practical sessions, participants can take a look at the operation of the galleries (consignment, auction, pawnshop activity); learn how to professionally name and describe the characteristics and status of the objects offered for sale, carry out their valuation; deal with the recognizing the age, style and material of works of art, the relationship between shape and decoration; and review the pricing of works of art and the situation of the domestic work of art market.

Our planned future trainings

According to the new Adult Education Act and on the basis of similar program requirements, i.e. with the same content as the previous one, we will start the work of appraiser training again from autumn 2021. After completing the course, participants will receive a certificate which will be able to obtain a certificate of qualification in accredited examination centres.


General information

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