Abstract Wall Image

2020. December 18.
The wall painting of István Gádor was popular again.

Samotte ceramic. On a white glazed basis, decorated with colored glass glaze, copper wire and copper plate inlay. On the lower left corner painted with Gádor mark. Around 1964. Size: 26,5 × 1,5 × 40,5 cm

If we talk about modern ceramics of the 20th century, then István Gádor's name is unavoidable. Its abstract wall-paintings have long been the favorites of auctions.

Christmas Online Auction, 2020
Reserve price: 260,000 HUF
Hammer price: 660,000 HUF

The biggest surprise of the Christmas auction.

Combination of nickel-plated metal and black-stained carved wood. It's operational.
At the bottom with a distributor label: Csillárok és Világítás Rt. Budapest. Debrecen Lamp factory, around 1930. Size: 39.5 cm