Zsolnay Art Nouveau ornament vase

2020. December 18.
From the Zsolnay pieces of the Christmas auction, this Art Nouveau ornament vase stood out, which would make every art lover's heart beating with its cherry and foxglove decoration.

White tile. Partially acid-etched, contoured surface with multilayered, colourful and metallic eosin glazes, or depicting cherry and foxglove motifs that emerge. Presumably Géza Nikelszky's decorative design. Indicated at the bottom: 5330 (1900th year form number) and painted with red eosin glaze, round, seam-like, embossing brand mark.
Zsolnay, Pécs, 1906. Size: 18.5 cm
Analogy: Richárd Stattner and Mónika Chiba: ZSOLNAY Masterpieces of Hungarian Art Nouveau, Elite Design Gallery, 2003. Page 34, page 22, respectively. Éva Csenkey — László Gyugyi — Éva Hárs: Zsolnay from the world. Helikon, 2006. Page 224, image No 448, page 314 (variant)

Christmas Online Auction, 2020
Reserve price: 1,400,000 HUF
Hammer price: 960,000 HUF