Gold buying-in for cash!

You may suddenly need cash, or you may want to sell your tired or damaged gold jewellery. The BÁV also provides an opportunity to do so.

At BÁV, the acquisition of goods is based on weight and gold content. We also buy half a pair of earrings, broken bracelets, worn gold or no hallmark pin, regardless of fit!


Our following quality assurance system guarantees you a professional acquisition experience:

  • Our 240-year-old company is the oldest in the domestic precious metal market, thus guaranteeing safe, fair and reliable processes.
  • Our acquisitions are carried out in strict compliance with the legal and professional regulations of the precious metals trade.
  • Measurement and certification are carried out by reliable jewelry experts of BÁV with the help of certified measuring instruments.
  • Gold buying-in prices vary daily, but are fixed on that day.

Offsetting gold when buying new jewelry!

If you want new jewelry, your bored, no longer used gold jewelry will be offset at a higher price.


Go to the gold purchase prices!

Gold buy-in takes place in the jewelry galleries below. Contact us with confidence:



If you plan to sell a larger amount (over HUF 400,000) of gold bars or fractional gold (BÁV repurchase), please inform the relevant point of sale by phone or in person in advance, the contact details of which can be found in the branch locator below.