You can buy Swiss good delivery certified gold as an investment from BÁV!
  • As of 2016, our gold bars are produced by our strategic partner Argor Heraeus with the highest good delivery rating.
  • Gold bars produced by a renowned Swiss company are accepted everywhere in the world, they can be sold instantly and even used as a means of payment.
  • The gold content of our investment bars is 999.9 thousand.
  • We market our gold bars tax-free.
  • We offer a full repurchase guarantee: on demand, gold bars are bought back at a fixed price without any restrictions.
  • You will receive the physical gold bars sold by us immediately.
  • The safe storage of the investment gold bars we sell is not an obstacle either.
  • The price of the bars is adjusted to the current world market price of gold and varies depending on the development of the forint/dollar exchange rate.

We provide the distribution of 999.9 thousand pure gold bars manufactured by Metal-Art under unchanged conditions.


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Investment gold bars are sold in our following commercial shops and pledge jewelry stores:


Investment Gold Branch Locator

If you plan to sell a larger amount (over HUF 400,000) of gold bars or frictional gold (BÁV repurchase), please inform the relevant point of sale by phone or in person in advance, the contact details of which can be found in the branch locator below.