BÁV Pawnshop Loan = Cash quickly, easily

In the life of every person, family or business, there may be a situation where money is needed immediately and there is no time for queuing or long administration.

  • You have to give up your bills, but you haven't received your salary yet?
  • Do you want to buy a valuable gift for one of your family members?
  • You want to take advantage of an offer you can't refuse?
  • You can't get a bank loan?
  • You have to pay your employees and subcontractors, but you don't have funds yet?

The BÁV Pawnshop Loan offers solutions for these and similar situations.

Our customers choose us because they know that we can get money in the shortest possible time. There is no lengthy credit assessment, no guarantor is required, and the pawnshop loan can be used for any purpose.

If you require a loan with a name, the loan can also be disbursed by means of a transfer to a bank account.




Who will use the pawnshop loan?

Contrary to the widespread misconception, pawnshop loans are popular in almost all layers of society.

Our clients include those who have jewelry, works of art, paintings, valuables and do not want to become vulnerable as a result of a credit transaction, or prefer the type of borrowing where they are an equal party to the transaction as a counterparty or partner. The pawnshop loan is mostly described as an exchange transaction where, for a certain fee, the valuables are exchanged for cash or, according to its decision, the amount of the loan is transferred to the current account.


Discretion, security

Everyone likes to manage their finances themselves, and in finances, discreet administration is essential, so we do not disturb you in your home. We are waiting for you in a modern, customer-friendly environment in our branches operating in almost 100 points of the country. During the term of the loan, we retain the values entrusted to us in our depositories equipped with a high security system, equipped in accordance with strict EU regulations.


BÁV Zrt. acts as the intermediary of the BÁV Financial Zrt. in its pawnshop activities.